English as a Second Language ESL


Story by Song Lam as told to Joe
December 4, 1985

I was born in Vietnam. I lived in Vietnam for twenty-six years. In Vietnam I lived in Soctrang. Soctrang is about the same size as Bellingham. In Soctrang I go to school. I lived outside the city. I started school in 1962 and went to school until 1967. Then I went to school in Cambodia for two years. Then I returned to Vietnam in 1969. In 1970 I shaved my hair when I became a Buddhist monk. I went to live in the Chua Swam Rong temple. My father was a Buddhist. He wanted me to learn about Buddhism. I liked it very much at the temple. I had to leave the temple to escape communist. I had been at the temple for five years. I stayed with my mother and took care of her until 1982.


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