Youíll find no people in these photos, yet each reflects the presence (the hand) of someone who was there, and left something of themselves behind.
Most of my photos have included people. Iíve spent hours, camera in hand, hoping for the fortuitous entry of a human being to ďenhanceĒ a scene. Occasionally, not often, Iíve shot a people-less picture. Iíve done some conventional landscapes; not many. A geometrically precise vineyard stretching to the horizon is an obvious, often beautiful, show of the ďhand of man,Ē but here Iím looking for something smaller, more the size of a theatrical stage, something like a suburban backyard.
Iíve selected a handful of un-peopled pictures that appeal to me (Iíve found few). Each picture is accompanied by a table of factors affecting my reaction (a red bar from 0.0 to 1.0, depicts the factorís impact). I realize this is a conversation with myself about photographs. But I seldom meet anyone who has views on this topic.

STAGECRAFT delineates visual effectiveness.

VOICE delineates an idiosyncratic, individual quality conveyed.

PITCH involves a display of quirkiness or peculiarity - for me the most effective and elusive quality in a photograph.

COHERENCE measures the combined effectiveness of the factors.

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