I Remember Boston

To me, Boston is Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas." The Navy took me there in 1942 to attend Machinist Mate School. Our home, the Hotel Somerset, retained an aura of elegance despite bunk beds and Betty Grable posters. In December, Bing's voice was on every radio.

I was there with my high school chum, Clifford (Buster) Airey (right photo). We were destined to stay together - on the same ship for most of the war - and for the rest of our lives. To this day, Bing's song reminds me of young Buster and old Boston.

Years later, I visited Boston many times while my company was under contract to provide pointing control system for scientific rocket payloads built at the Air force Cambridge Research Labs. These visits were brief and I

seldom found time for picture taking - although I always found time for seafood. In 1980, after attending an astronautics conference, I extended my visit for a few days to allow some wandering with my camera in and near Boston.

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