She's a Mom

When Ellie came we needed more space so we left Puente. Then Mary came and we moved again, to a place in Covina with both a living room and a bedroom!

These little girls were Joan's dolls. She made all their clothes. Somewhere along the way we must have bought a sewing machine. I can't remember when but neither can I remember a time when Joan was far from her sewing machine. She was a superb seamstress.

I began plans to build a home of our own.

On the back of the snapshot above, Joan wrote:

"How did we get them to stand so still? When they're together they're always moving. They must have been bribed.

On another snapshot, a picture of Mary:

"Taken of Mary while Joe waits to pick me up after church. We go to different masses for two pretty good reasons. I should say 'two noisy reasons.'"


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