"My shell," said the snail, "Is a marvel of symmetry.

Quoth the newt, "A pity you can't move as fast as me."

Spoke up the the caterpillar, from a leafy tree, "I'm not content always to crawl; one day I shall fly."

"None of you," piped lady bug, "even by and by, will ever be colored as pretty a red as I....

"Now if we all had Snail's shape,
Caterpillar's future,
Newt's speed,
-- And my lovely dress,

Wouldn't we, oh wouldn't we be
Just about the greatest success?"

"But you wouldn't be you, nor I me,"

Answered then the other three.

"And where would we fit, (Such a strange breed?)

Let's just be ourselves...

Is that agreed?"

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