Peace Rally
April 22, 1972

MacArthur Park
Los Angeles

Rally 13

In days to come:

November 1972: Nixon wins second term by a landslide.

January 1973: Two Nixon former political aides found guilty in Watergate break-in.

February 1973, Valentine's Day: The first planeload of POWs lands at Travis air base in California.

April 1973: Four top Nixon aides resign amid allegations of White House cover-up.

September 1973: John Mitchell, former Nixon campaign manager, currently under indictment, walks out on his wife. "He walked out, yes," Martha Mitchell admits, "but I've been trying to get him out."

October 1973: Spiro Agnew resigns as Vice President, while agreeing not to contest a charge of tax evasion.

November 1973: Oil embargo imposed by Arab nations leads to widespread closing of service stations and pushes the retail price of gasoline over 50 cents a gallon.

February 1974: Patty Hearst abducted. Two weeks later she will appear as "Tania," in a San Francisco bank, carrying a gun, pointed at a bank teller.

August 8, 1974: President Nixon resigns.


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