I Remember San Francisco


In 1943, George (Bud) Emmons, Clifford (Buster) Airey, and I, close friends in high school, found ourselves together on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay waiting for a ship. We were eager to get to sea, the wait seemed forever, but the city was only a short trip away on the Bay Bridge. We were there three or four months,long enough to form attachments, long enough to fall in love with San Francisco.

Shore Patrol San FRancisco
On shore patrol

We returned home but we were restless; the GI Bill had opened opportunities for college. After a few months in New Jersey at our old jobs Buster and I headed west for Oregon, then San Francisco, then to Los Angeles where we thought our chances for college entry were greatest. Bud joined us there. Our plans were vague but they worked out well.

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California Home
After marrying in 1951, Joan and I moved to California where we lived for over thirty years. During the last ten of those years we lived in Sacramento, a two-hour drive from San Francisco.

The pictures in this section were taken during that period. Visiting San Francisco was for me always exhilarating, its beauty always breathtaking.