From the Herald-Examiner:
"Lt. Rudy DeLeon, who has worked the Harbor Division for many years says Beacon Street used to be the 'meanest street in the world' but there always existed a code of ethics.
'There were the fights, sure,' says DeLeon. 'But you didn't see people being murdered and robbed except in rare, isolated instances and it's doubtful the seaman-type were to blame.'"

In the News-Pilot, Jim Grosse of San Pedro, who owned and operated the Port Hole Café on Beacon Street from 1939 until two months earlier, described the Beacon Street he knew:
"The friends you made on Beacon Street stuck with you through thick and thin.
"Many of these friends I still have today.
"If you were looking for a fight, you could sure find one just like any other section of a town, but I lived and worked there for 30 years and I never got into a fight once.
"That section was mild, just as mild as could be."(2)


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(1) Herald-Examiner, October 7, 1970: "Going Soon: 'Meanest Street in the World" by Kevin Stapleton.
(2) San Pedro News-Pilot, August 20, 1971