Probably an outsider like myself, who hated to see the old buildings go, painted the message beneath the ladder. Of the local people I encountered, most seemed resigned to the prospect. A piece in the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner included these remarks from an 'old hand':

"My life is almost done. I had my life and I lived itI really lived it. It's time for the others now and if this is what they want, fine. There are few of us old-timers around now and the old days won't come again. They can take Red's [Shanghai Red's, a legendary port bar] but they can't take the memories. We can still talk about it. That's all we can do at this age anyway so no sense in it being there I guess."(1)


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(1) Herald-Examiner, October 7, 1970: "Going Soon: 'Meanest Street in the World" by Kevin Stapleton.