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Some years back, as Savior tells the story of the angel, he was pestered by his single crewman to leave port and venture into the Bering Sea on a day of threatening weather. When Savior refused, the young crewman accused him of not caring about anyone else, of having enough money so that he had become a coward.

After prolonged argument Savior reluctantly acquiesced and they took Sweet Marie out. Later in the day a sudden violent storm hit and the boat was swamped. The crewman panicked and Savior fought with him to stay with the boat. With only the cabin above water, they floated under stormy skies in a desolate sea.

The angel appeared on the third day. The angel told Savior that they would be rescued. The young crewman did not see or hear the angel. Maybe he did not believe in angels. Savior said just wait, hed see. On the fifth day they were spotted and saved by a cruise ship making its once-a-year passage through these waters.