Starting in 1954 we built a house, paying for materials as we went. It took over three years, working weekends and vacations.

I designed the house, using a post and beam structure quite common those days in California. It had some nice features but the tiny kitchen was a big mistake.

My kitchen vision, clean and spare, was suited to a galley on a nice-size sailboat. It was not a good vision for a family kitchen. I learned (from Joan) that family kitchens need counter space and cabinet storage - the more the better.

Joan put up with the galley for a few years. Even after we moved in, there was lots of finishing work throughout the house. But Joan's kitchen vision prevailed. We tore the galley out and put in a real kitchen.

We lived here until 1972. Shortly after our kitchen renovation, we got rid of the trendy "Danish Modern" living room furniture we had selected, replacing it with traditional sturdy, comfortable chairs and sofas. Live and learn.


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