Joan and I raised our children far from where we had been raised and far from the extended families we had known.
During the war, while waiting for a ship on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, I had fallen in love with California. At war's end, after a brief return to New Jersey, I went to Los Angeles where I attended UCLA on the GI Bill.

At graduation, I was offered a job at Allis Chalmers near Milwaukee, a phenomenally lucky break for me because I met Joan there. But the lure of California stayed with me. We left Milwaukee for California the day after we married.

My mother and sister Carolyn had moved to the Los Angeles area while I was in college. My sister Jae had been in the Waves at San Diego Naval Hospital, married a Californian, and settled in Oakland. So our girls did have a small California family as they grew up.

In the late fifties, visiting Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Sammy-and their swimming pool-was a favorite thing with our girls. Carolyn took these pictures. They are a reminder of happy times.

Left to right:

Uncle Sammy (Carolyn's husband)
Aunt Jae (my sister)
Grandma (my mom)
Aunt Carolyn (my sister)
Cousin Debbie (Jae's daughter)
Cousin Dianne (Jae's daughter)
Cousin Kim (Carolyn's daughter)

Mary, Ellie, Katy (our girls)


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