Arcady (2)

On Easter weekend 1967 Joan invited our friends the Ragozas ( Jay, Stella, their children: Mike, Andrea, and Lanie) to our home. I had been away for two weeks and on Easter Saturday had landed at Coulombe Bechar in Algeria.

Jay and I met at Aerojet, worked together on several projects. We hit it off and when we got together with our wives, they too quickly became close friends. This doesn't happen often but it did here. We were all new to California; Jay and Stella came from Hamtramck, Michigan. We had similar backgrounds and shared many interests.
And our kids had fun together. I think they all remember Sundays at the Tahitian Restaurant in Pasadena, in mid afternoon when we "owned" the place, the kids in their own booth drinking the fanciest Shirley Temples in town.

A few years earlier Jay had been transferred to the Bay area in Northern California so this get-together was a special treat and solace for Joan in her growing loneliness.

"I hied me off to Arcady-

The month it was the month of May,

And all along the pleasant way,

The morning birds were mad with glee,

And all the flowers sprang up to see,

As I went on to Arcady."


The Secret of Arcady

Louise Chandler Moulton


"Let's face it. Kids just aren't people!"


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