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We moved from the West Coast to Milwaukee shortly after I retired. The year was 1986; the move brought me back to within driving distance (two days) of New Jersey and New York.
My work on contracts with NASA and Navel Research Labs had brought me to Washington DC many times, work with Air Force Cambridge Research Labs had often taken me to Boston, but I had visited New York City only once. On that visit sometime in the seventies I took two days off to savor the streets so fondly remembered. Near Christmas; wet snow was falling, it was a perfect time to be in Manhattan.
During the late eighties, driving from Milwaukee, I made several trips to New Jersey and New York, renewing old friendships, traveling through times and places remembered. These photos were taken during these trips.

There is no sight more iconic of New York City than the Brooklyn Bridge. It is almost always photographed from an oblique angle but from a vantage point in the Fulton Fish Market I was able to capture it foursquare. Itís somewhat hard to see, but a close look at the structure will show a FOR SALE sign.