Gallery 4

Coney Island



Way, way before there was Disneyland, there was Coney Island. My mom took us there a few times in the early thirties, on the excursion boat crossing New York Harbor from Keansburg, New Jersey. To us, nothing could be more dazzling than Luna Park, nothing funnier than a fun-house mirror. It was a time when freak shows were seen as entertaining. Coney Island had both Ė and Nathanís hot dogs. We didnít realize it but even then this wonder world was in decline.

When I took these shots in 1987, Coney Island was a very different place. There were still arcades and rides, somewhat worn and weary, open for business only during the summer months. It had become a haven for older retired people, hat-wearing, warmly-wrapped souls who, I suspect, were quite content in the thin sunshine with the off-season quiet.