Arcady (4)

With Joan's "blessing," ("I guess I agree with her.") I had my little adventure in Ireland.

Writing from there I told Joan, "My letter writing has suffered badly since I came to Ireland. Perhaps I can better explain why when I tell you all about it at home. It has been almost impossible to write or read - and I have even had to struggle to take pictures. This is due to the fact that the Irishman is so friendly that one finds it impossible to manage one's own time. Again and again and again I have been greeted on the streets and in pubs and thereafter treated to the most colorful conversation you can imagine. In addition to the Irish themselves, this surely must be the most beautiful country in the world!"

After four pages, I ended with this:
"There is just too much to tell. I'm going to write some cryptic notes which will mean nothing to you but will serve as a reminder to me when I get home:

1. Rooming house in Dublin (Irish interior decoration, Daughter's goodbye)

2. Sunday mass

3. Dublin - Georgian architecture (mostly ugly)

4. Families at Howth

5. Derry (Mickey) McGuire

6. Warrior's Cut Tobacco"

Sadly, I no longer remember what I intended to tell Joan of Mickey McGuire - or what I might have found noteworthy about Warrior's Cut Tobacco.


November, 1968


Santa Ana Wind


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