NJ/NY -- circa 1940


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Orange Peel

I attended Orange (New Jersey) High School through my junior and senior years, graduating in June 1939. I met two young men there, Buster Airey and Bud Emmons, who became lifelong friends. My sister Jae, a year behind me, pretty and popular, was a cheerleader. I believe it was because of her that Buster and Bud initially accepted me.
OHS was a fine school. I did well academically but

participated in few social activities. My new camera allowed me to reach out a bit when I began to take pictures for our 1939 class year book, THE ORANGE PEEL. Several of them appeared in the informal pages of the book. I achieved some small identity. On this meager evidence, the “Class Will” awarded me: “A place among the world’s great photographers.”
I don't remember the names of the two young men above - they're not Buster and Bud.