Red Dog Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove

After my initial showing of this photo, I received an informative letter from a nice lady, Sonia Huestis, in Courtland. She recognized the red dog! I sent her a print. She provided a "history" of "JD" as shown below.

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Here's the history on JD (Jack Daniels): He was originally owned by the Stewart family but when their son went away to college he moved in with the Towne Family. When the Towne girls went away to college, he moved in with our family, and finally he moved in with the Silva family where he passed away.

JD was the neigherbood dog, who roamed the west side as well as the east side of Walnut Grove. My mom occasionally got phone calls from the elementary school to come and pick him up... He loved children and pickup trucks. That's why he would always move around from house to house in search of children and pickup trucks... My dad always had a hard time getting him out when he had to leave for work. Through all 4 families he was always known as JD... small town everybody knows your name... even the animal's names.